According to TMZ, XXXTentacion (born Jahseh Onfroy) has reportedly been sent to jail,  after prosecutors hit him with seven felony charges including witness tampering and witness harassment. Apparently, the young rapper will stay behind bars without bail, at least until his trial comes around. Afterward, he will stand trial for the aforementioned charges, which were added after prosecutors claimed he was coercing his ex-girlfriend into dropping the initial assault charges. At the hearing, the judge apparently ruled that X had violated his bond from the original arrest, which led to the swift imprisonment.

As of now, X could be facing a minimum of decades in prison, should he be convicted. After all, witness tampering is first-degree felony in Florida. And while X's controversial nature has left many listeners fatigued of his antics, it can't be denied that the young rapper has amassed a loyal fanbase, with whom X has a deeply connected relationship. In recent days, X has been increasingly frustrated by negative media coverage, venting that the outlets are neglecting to focus on his positive contributions to the community. In all fairness, X's case is a tricky one; the crimes of which he was accused are undoubtedly disturbing, but recently, he has also seemed intent on moving forward with a positive outlook on life.  

It's hard to say, but it seems likely that a decades-long sentence would ultimately cause a crippling blow to his career. Here's hoping that X can keep his head up, and when he does stand trial for his accused crimes, we can only hope that the system will be just.