It looks like XXXTENTACION's next album will help him launch his career to a new level. The rapper's last two singles have been doing well especially, "Sad!" which debuted at number 17 on the Billboard Hot 100, making it his first single in the top 20. The success of both of his singles chart performance has helped him make a major leap on the Billboard Hot Artist charts.

XXXTENTACION is now sitting at number 12 on the Billboard Hot Artists chart. He made an enormous leap from last week where he was sitting at number 92. It's a big move for XXXTENTACION and he's bound to get higher on the charts with the release of his forthcoming album. 

Yesterday, XXXTENTACION posted a tally of streams that "Sad!" has received since its release. Within 12 days, the rapper racked up over 66 million streams on the song and counting. While "Look At Me!" was his breakthrough single and helped his career launch, "Sad!" is looking like it'll be his biggest single to date.

Earlier in the week, X announced his album ? and revealed the tracklist. The project's due out this Friday and will hail features from Joey Bada$$, Matt Ox, PnB Rock and Travis Barker. The project will also include his most recent releases as well as his tribute to Florida school shooting victims, "Hope." 

We're excited to hear what he has up his sleeve next.