Each day, there's new developments to XXXTENTACION's murder case. Police have apprehended three suspects but are still looking for the fourth. Michael Boatwright was the second suspect to get arrested in early July. He was initially arrested on unrelated drug charges on July 5th but he was later his with a warrant for his arrest on July 10th for first degree murder. However, according to new reports, Boatwright has been ordered to go through a mental evaluation before the case can proceed.

According to TheBlast, the judge in XXXTENTACION's murder case has order Michael Boatwright undergo a mental evaluation to determine his competency before the case proceeds. The judge wants to figure out whether he understands the charges he faces, the possible penalties of the charges as well as if he's capable of testifying relevantly and is he could behave properly in the courtroom.

A doctor has been assigned to Michael Boatwright by the judge to administer the exam. If he's ultimately found to be incompetent to go through with the trial, he'll have to be involuntarily hospitalized. The doctor will also be able to give recommendations on treatments for possible mental illness or intellectual disabilities. The doctor will also be able to determine whether treatment will actually help him become competent for trial. 

The court documents said that the judge has ordered the evaluation to be videotaped and done at the end of the month.