XXXTentacion's murder last month shook the music world as everybody reacted to the news in a different way. With many still mourning his loss, including his mother Cleo, who has been actively updating fans on X's behalf, details are starting to become clearer in relation to the men allegedly responsible for killing the late artist. One month has passed since the fateful day X was shot and video has been unearthed of the murder suspects, Dedrick Williams, Robert Allen and Trayvon Newsome, chilling weeks before the shooting, flaunting stacks of cash.

The three men were formally indicted by a grand jury yesterday along with Michael Boatwright. In the video, Boatwright is not pictured but Allen, Williams, and Newsome are all in the frame, counting up exactly how much money they have in their hands. The video shows that at least three of the suspects knew each other and enjoyed flexing with lots of money, perhaps confirming the narrative of a robbery gone wrong. 

Two of the four men have been arrested and are in custody but Robert Allen and Trayvon Newsome are still wanted. Boatwright and Newsome are the alleged gunmen in the crime while Allen and Williams were seemingly in the car that blocked XXX from leaving. All four have been indicted for first-degree murder.