XXXTentacion has made headlines pretty consistently throughout 2017, but the divisive Florida rapper remains somewhat of a mystery. His loyal fans have gravitated to his seemingly magnetic personality, while his haters have honed in on his more controversial side; after all, dissing Drake is a surefire way to net a legion of pitchfork-wielding enemies. And while X has made several public appearances at the BET Awards, even holding it down as a 2017 XXL Freshman, the only shots available in our database is this god-damn mask picture. In some ways, that's X in a nutshell; highly recognizable, but always hidden behind a mask of sorts. Today, that's about to change.

In an effort to open to up fans, X has released his first ever Vlog, which promises to reveal more about himself than ever before. It seems as if he's trying to be a better man, in order to become a more effective teacher for the youth. In the fifteen minute clip, X speaks directly to his fans, thanking them for holding him down, and helping him stay positive throughout a tumultuous time. While the young rapper's career has often been mired in controversy, this latest video seems to signify a sincere willingness to change. Perhaps it won't change your mind on X, but it will give you a deeper glimpse into the man behind the artist. 

If you're interested in seeing what the 17 rapper is up to, catch X's My Heart And Yours Vlog below. Despite being on house arrest, X is poised for a big year in 2018, with plans on releasing three albums.