It's been a year of highs and lows for XXXTENTACION. His career really kicked off earlier in the year while he was locked up but unfortunately, it seems he'll be closing out the year on a similar note. Last week, news broke that the rapper received an additional seven felony charges and was sent to jail as he awaits trial. Today, prosecutors have allegedly added eight more felony charges.

XXXTENTACION's charges are up to fifteen, according to TMZ's report. The rapper was hit with an additional eight charges earlier today and all of which have something to do with witness tampering. They say the prosecutors on the trial are citing witness tampering that occurred in October of 2016 for the additional charges. While all prison calls are monitored and recorded, XXXTENTACION made several phone calls while he was jailed last year that are being used as evidence for the additional charges. The new charges stem from when he was initially arrested.

XXXTENTACION is now being held without bail and in addition, the judge has ordered that he doesn't have phone privileges while he's locked up.

A few weeks a go, news broke that X's ex-girlfriend that he's accused of beating wasn't going to testify in court. The rapper and his attorney filed a document to the court with the woman's signature. However, prosecutors said they're doubtful that his ex-girlfriend signed off on the papers. And even if she did sign those papers, they say they're still willing to move forward with the prosecution.

XXXTENTACION is looking at some serious jail time if he's convicted, possibly decades long.