In the wake of XXXTentacion’s murder last week, police arrested Dedrick D. Williams and believe that two other suspects are currently on the run. At the moment, police believe they’re completely out of the county and possibly the state. So now, it’s being reported that the feds and US Marshalls are getting involved to help track down the two remaining suspects.

TMZ reports that the Marshall has been at the forefront of the manhunt from the beginning, but things are having to get more intense in the search as they believe the two suspects are out of the district. From the jump, cops believed that three people were involved in the murder of X as footage obtained allegedly showed 2 guys hopping out a vehicle and robbing/shooting X. The third man, who's currently in custody at the moment, was apparently still in the car and was blocking X in with their vehicle. That man, Dedrick D. Williams, was reportedly not the shooter, but cops believe the other two men were, hence why they can't be found.

Arrest warrants have been issued for the other two suspects who are on the run. Hopefully the feds and cops can find these two cowards and provide some sort of closure to the situation. We’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward.