After opening to fans more in his first ever vlog post earlier today, Florida sensation XXXTentacion decided to hop on his Instagram stories a few hours later and announce that his Potsu-produced song “Jocelyn Flores,” off his latest album 17, has officially gone double platinum, surpassing the 2 million sold mark.

“Just found out I went double platinum worldwide with my song “Jocelyn Flores!” he wrote, before adding “Hope you’re proud Jocelyn! Thank you for watching over me.”

If you're unaware, Jocelyn Flores happened to be a friend of X who suffered from depression and committed suicide back in May of 2017, while staying with him in Florida for a photoshoot. Following this tragic news, X shared some encouraging words to his fans on Twitter (which have since been deleted), saying “All I can is support your friends, family, life is short & life is not promised, spread love and understanding to all. Spent days crying and enraged about something I couldn't change, so if you see me and I don't want to take a pictures I apologize in advance. Rest in Peace Jocelyn Flores, Im sorry I couldn't save you.”

As for what’s next for X, he was recently spotted cooking up & experimenting with some new sounds both acoustically & heavy auto-tune, while also announcing that he has a coupe projects on the way. We’ll just have to wait to hear the final results though.

Check out X’s platinum-selling record announcement (below) and show your support on iTunes.