The last couple of weeks have been a mixed bag for XXXTentacion, to say the least.

After recently signing a record deal with Capitol Records worth an estimated $6 million, he's been sending some confusing signals as to how he feels about his new situation. He first described the folks he'd be working with at Capitol as "wonderful people," but that sunny disposition didn't last long. Just last week, X announced that he would be nixing his deal wit the label, doing so because he was apparently "tired of this shit." The rapper added that he would cease making music for the foreseeable future, which isn't looking like another throwaway comment or simply an attention-grabbing statement anymore.

The young Florida native continued to speak to his fans in this frame of mind yesterday (October 28th), issuing another strong statement via his Instagram story. In it, XXXTentacion said that he wanted to be "treated better," as well as "protected from the hate." It's unclear if there was a specific event that triggered this mentality with him, but when taken in context with other such social media posts that he's made in recent days, it certainly doesn't seem out of character. Check out a screengrab of his story post below.

While his antics have certainly transformed him into a polarizing figure over the course of 2017, there's no denying that the emcee is on the receiving end of a bombardment of Internet hate most days. When speaking about the allegations of domestic abuse or even the hanging stunt that sent social media into a tailspin leading up the the release of his album 17, perhaps such a reaction is warranted. However, there's a faction of online commentors who have it in for the rapper in a more general fashion, clowning his music and his overall demeanor on the daily. Perhaps X really has reached a breaking point when it comes to his tolerance for the barrage of negativity he can't seem to shake.

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