Is there a more talked-about rapper, in terms of his worth in hip-hop culture, than XXXTentacion? He's been discussed with feelings of both adulation and derision in equal measure, prompting this back-and-forth between fans who believe he mines deep, raw emotions for the content of his music, while others see him as a poser of sorts, feigning that depth of purpose when he doesn't actually subscribe to that. Personal issues aside, there's no doubt that the 21-year-old Florida native has galvanized at least a portion of the music listening population with his latest record, 17. It's still holding steady in a lofty position on the Billboard 200, capitalizing on his viral fame to strengthen his following. However, it doesn't look like the brooding rapper is ready to take a break from music making in the near future - in fact, he looks to be currently at work on a project that may be a bit of a creative departure for him.

In some new video clips that have been circulating on social media over the weekend, XXX is showcasing some of his in-progress work that, at least with this minimal amount of evidence, seems very different from what he's known for. Whether he's crafting a melancholic melody on the piano or assessing what sounds like an out-and-out grunge record that he created not long ago, the writing on the wall for X's new project seems to be that fans are in for something completely new, both stylistically and lyrically. With an emphasis on retro-grade instrumentals that are more akin to rock arena performances than the wild rap shows he's been at the center of this year, the teaser of new music that he's gifted fans is reminiscent of groups like Nirvana or even a Soundgarden.

There are those who think very highly of XXXTentacion in the hip-hop world, for his musical aptitude anyways. One of those admirers? Waka Flocka, who recently called the young rapper a "genius," during an interview with the Sway In The Morning crew on Sirius XM's Shade 45 network. Do you think it's a reach for him to call XXX a genius? Let us know below.