Despite initial rejections, the murder suspects in the shooting death of XXXTENTACION have had their fingerprints and DNA taken in court according to a Fort Lauderdale ABC affiliate. It was Wednesday morning that the four men—Trayvon Newsome, Robert Allen, Dedrick Williams, and Michael Boatwright—were led into a Broward County courtroom. Last month the county’s state attorney’s office filed a motion asking the judge for fingerprints and DNA samples from all four of the suspects.

Lawyers for Boatwright, Allen and Williams protested the motions saying that the fingerprints of the three suspects were already taken, and asserting that their clients’ rights were protected against “any illegal search or seizure.”

Ultimately, Judge Michael Usan allowed for the fingerprints to be taken for Boatwright, Allen, Williams, and Newsome. Newsome’s legal team never objected to the original motion.

All four men were indicted for the alleged roles in the June 18th robbery and murder of 20-year old XXXTENTACION. Authorities believe that Newsome and Boatwright were the two gunmen, with Boatwright being the one who actually fired a shot while Williams is believed to have been the getaway driver.

Boatwright was arrested on July 5th on an unrelated drug charge and was subsequently served with a warrant on July 10th for first-degree murder while in custody. Allen was caught after a task force intervened while he was hiding out at his sister’s home in Georgia while Newsome turned himself into police at the top of August.