XXXTentacion has had an interesting journey, both artistically and individually. As many know, the rapper's past is dark to say the least, and many were quick to write off the Floridian rapper as both volatile and troubled. Yet it would appear that the young talent has had an epiphany of sorts. Coming off a sobering trial, X has since vowed to become a better man, learn from his mistakes, and establish himself as a role model for the youth; a real life redemption arc. As it stands, X's journey into the light has been a successful one, and his charitable work has not gone unnoticed. Yesterday, X performed at his Helping Hand event, in order to benefit the survivors of the tragic Parkland shooting. 

During the concert, X performed several tracks from his recent album, including a crowd assisted rendition of "Changes." Yet one of the more interesting moments came before he queued up "Fuck Love," off his breakout album 17. He didn't exactly say Trippie's name, but like Dennis from It's Always Sunny might say, the implication was strong. 

"I was not a good person but I've been trying my best to change myself," said X, prior to launching into "Fuck Love." "I got a song with this amazing artist, bro. There is an amazing artist that I made the song with, and I know that this motherfucker probably hates me for whatever reason he has, but I don't care. I'm taking this as a chance to say, I love you and I love the world, bro."   

Check out some footage from the concert below, including X's insane stage dive, "Changes," and more. It's hard to say whether or not we'll ever see X and Trippie collaborate again, but we can only hope.