Last week, XXXTentacion's estate officially sparked the rollout for his upcoming Skins album, commencing with the single "BAD!" As a spiritual successor to ?'s "SAD!," it would appear that X's team is looking to give his latest single the video treatment. As such, his estate, label BAD VIBES FOREVER, and Empire Records have announced an animation contest to decide on a worthy creator. The winner will receive a reported $10k to finish the clip, which will premiere on X's official YouTube page. 

AllHipHop has reported on the seven finalists, who have each put forth a variety of different styles. Each artist has issued a statement, explaining their inspiration behind crafting their take on "BAD!" 

"Here are some ideas I’d like to include: creatures from Greek and Egyptian mythologies, African patterns and masks, goth and metal aesthetics, a circus, anime and famous couples from pop culture turned into X and his girl. Oh, and furries," writes finalist GabrielChaignon, aka @Gabyo. 

This visual will take viewers to another realm where the possibilities are endless. Led by X himself, the viewer will be taken through dynamic dimensions that alter reality. Breaking what's normal is the only way to see what lies beneath," writes artist @DuganWarmoth.

"I made this piece as a test/teaser for the original manga graphic novel I’m writing/illustrating, with characters inspired by X. I’m gonna do some fully animated hand-drawn anime scenes where XXX fights demons/monsters/robots, flies through space, and chills with anime babes…duh,” writes Darin Vartanian aka @Pix3lface. 

"The full video will showcase X mainly in two environments; a stormy marsh and a spatial realm. X approaches a small budding plant sectioned off by caution tape that he helps give growth into becoming a massive energy-dispersing tree that consumes X," explains Tristan Zammit, aka @Tristious.

Peep some of the samples below, and check out the remaining artist statements here. A winner will reportedly be chosen by November 19th, with Skins coming in on December 7th.