We've been lucky enough to receive a few gifts from XXXTentacion since his passing. It's still difficult to process that he's actually gone but his family has been generous in providing new content for us all to enjoy. It's incredibly bittersweet but his fans generally agree that they would rather hear the music he was working on than for it to be stashed in the vault forever. X was a very creative young man as he proved in his music. He combined genres almost flawlessly, integrating aspects of his genius into all his art. The late artist was working on some design ideas before he passed away and some of them have now been made available on his website.

XXXTentacion's estate posted a video to his social media accounts to inform fans that new products had been made available. In the clip, his mother says that he put his heart and soul into his work, which includes the new merchandise. "He went out and bought a bunch of sewing machines, blank shirts, and that's where "Bad Vibes" kind of came into play because he had his own sense of style," said his mom. She continues by saying that he worked tirelessly on this new line. "This is his baby," revealed Cleopatra.

Among the new items are an "I Hate Love" t-shirt, a "People Suck" long sleeve, an "I Fuckin Luv Humans" hoodie and two exclusive polos. The prices are all comparable to other artist's merch, with the exception of the $500 polos. Each purchase comes with a pre-ordered copy of Skins, the first posthumous album from X, which is expected to release December 7.

Are you particularly feeling any of these pieces? Check them out here.