June 18 is a heartbreaking day for anybody that loved XXXTentacion. The late rapper, born Jahseh Onfroy, was killed two years ago today outside of a motorsports store after shopping for bikes. As one of the most influential artists of his time, many believed that he never got a chance to reach his full potential.

DJ Scheme, the rapper's close friend and collaborator, spoke about Jah and claimed that he think he could even have become the biggest artist in the world.

"They robbed my brother of being the biggest artist in the world rn," he wrote in the midst of an emotional outpouring of love for his friend.

XXXTentacion's mother did not say much but she let Billie Eilish explain her emotions after spending two full years without her baby boy.

"This song captured every emotion," wrote Cleopatra Bernard, sharing Billie's tribute to her son

"Our time is up/Your eyes are shut/I won't get to tell you what I needed you to know/It's dark enough/The moonlight doesn't show/And all my love could never bring you home," she sings.

In a second post, Cleo expressed her heartbreak with a picture of X performing in concert. 

Send some love her way. It's not easy losing a child.

Long Live Jahseh.