When XXXTentacion passed away earlier this year, the hip-hop community was shaken. The young Floridian was one of the leaders of the new school, dropping two albums that showcased his true potential. While it's difficult to believe he's really gone, he left behind a legacy that will remain forever. At the time of his death, it was revealed that he was expecting a baby, who will be named Gekyume. The choice of name was peculiar for some of his fans but it turns out that X was actually the person who handpicked it.

Jah's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, has been very active in keeping people up to date on how her son's music will be distributed posthumously. Along with members of his team, she announced a listening party for Skins in Miami, which will be released in a few weeks. She was also the one to reveal what XXXTentacion's unborn son would be named. Clearing up the confusion, she hopped onto her private social pages to detail who came up with Gekyume, noting that the artist had picked out two names for him. Cleo said, "When Jah found out initially about the baby, he had two names already picked out. He wanted a boy, he ended up having a boy, and that's the name that he chose for his son. And so I decided to honor my son and give his only child the name that he chose."

It's unclear when baby Gekyume is due to enter the world but we'll have updates once that information is known.