As you probably know, XXXTentacion's girlfriend was carrying his child at the time of his death. X's mother Cleopatra Bernard is forever thankful her son was able to plan his seed before he met his maker. At an earlier stage of the pregnancy, Cleo produced an ultrasound photo which she then uploaded to Instagram with the following caption: "He left us a final gift."

For several months, the hubbub surrounding X's girlfriend's pregnancy had quieted down, only resurface yesterday when Cleo announced the given name of her grandchild-to-be. "His name is Gekyume," she posted on her private Instagram feed. Follow her to gain further access. The sentiment was later echoed by DJ Scheme among others who all attended a prearranged baby shower hosted by Mrs. Cleo.

As Urban Dictionary points out, the word "Gekyume" was created by XXXTentacion before his death. It is meant to describe a different state of being or a "next" universe of thought. The definition of the word comes from X himself; he posted his musings in one of his long-begotten Instagram live sessions.

Scheme posted the following picture live from the baby shower. Here he is posing by a memorial set up for his fallen comrade. In the caption, Scheme professes his loyalty to X by promising to be a credible uncle-figure to his unborn child.