Through the countless messages shared by XXXTentacion's peers after his death last year, we know that the young rapper was always looking out for his friends, sending them love, positivity and wisdom on a regular basis. If anybody needed spiritual guidance, X was a go-to for his homies. He was clearly in tune with himself as a human being, knowing that everything could be taken away from him in an instant. People like Bhad Bhabie, Trippie Redd and others have spoken out about the impact Jahseh had on their lives and now, Lil Xan is sharing old messages between himself and the late 20-year-old.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images

The one-year anniversary of XXXTentacion's murder passed by last month and we continue to be shaken up about his loss. His close peers, including Lil Xan, have taken his death pretty difficult. Xan told his fans all about the advice that Jah used to give him, promising that he still follows it today. Going through his old messages on social media, Diego posted an exchange that he had with Jah, reading: "Even when you feel like shit it's better to say nothing at all than it is to mourn. Don't be victimized by life. Be empowered by it." Xan responded that they need to "move in silence," which X co-signed. "Precisely," he wrote. "Get what you want out of it all, don't let them ruin your love for yourself. And beyond everything, always fear yourself. Because you are your best friend and your worst enemy."

Some deep stuff there from XXXTentacion. The young man was incredibly self-aware and he loved to share his wisdom with his friends. Long Live Jahseh.