It's been well documented that the late XXXTentacion was working on three simultaneous albums before his passing: ?, Skins, and Bad Vibes Forever. While the former arrived at the onset of the year, the other two were still in the developmental stages. Given the sudden circumstances of his murder, it's unclear how much progress X actually made on his remaining efforts. He did, however, previously voice a desire to release three albums in 2018, leaving fans wondering what might have been. Now, it would appear that a posthumous rollout is in process, beginning with the previously teased single "Bad!"

Stylized as a spiritual successor to "Sad!," X's upcoming single has officially landed a release date: November 9th, 2018. You can confirm as much in his latest Instagram story, available here. From the sound of it, "Bad!" will be an emotional, melodic cut, with X altering his cadence to unintelligible levels. Fans should be pleased to once again hear solo X music, and while we're not sure whether such tidings mean Skins or Bad Vibes Forever is en route, it certainly wouldn't be impossible. DJ Scheme recently confirmed that X has "several" posthumous albums in the vault, and seemed to indicate that Skins was next up.

Stay tuned for XXXTentacion's "Bad!," arriving on Friday, November 9th.