Mask on, fuck it mask on. Resident master of disguise XXXTentacion is back in the headlines. After previews of an bizarre screamo track raised many an eyebrow, XXX fans were left wondering what the future had in store for the rapper. Seeing as he seems prone to follow his creative whims wherever they may take him, his follow-up album may find the rapper exploring a different direction altogether. Either way, the uncertainties of the future will not wash away the successes of the past. As it happens, XXXTentacion recently hit another major sales milestone; this time, his infectious single "Sad!" has officially reached double platinum status. 

The news comes after XXX's music was controversially pulled from Spotify curated playlists, with "Sad!" being the primary victim of neglect. Though initial reports indicated that the removal brought upon a decline in streams, backlash from the musical community soon led to Spotify reversing their policy altogether. Suffice it to say, the power of "Sad!" proved too strong for the haters. Perhaps XXX simply loyalists doubled their efforts to keep the Floridian's status as the new generation's commercial juggernaut afloat.  

Either way, it's a good look for the young rapper. Congrats to XXX for hitting a major milestone; one wonders if triple platinum is in his future?