Last week, XXXTentacion's posthumous album Bad Vibes Forever dropped, entering into a heated chart race with Roddy Ricch, Camila Cabello, and legendary rock band The Who. Now, with competition heating up, Triple X's team took to Twitter to implore his fans to stand up in support. "Dear supporters," begins the latter, penned by an unknown party. "Bad Vibes Forever came out last Friday and is currently #3 in the race for the #1 album on the charts this week. Jah is and has always been an independent artist. He doesn't have the support of a major label/streaming platforms/radio promotion like other artists on this list. And without being here he doesn't even have the ability to promote his own work.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Image

"But, he has the strongest and most loyal family of supporters in the world," it continues. "So we're asking you guys to help by streaming and sharing the album as much as you can all week. We have until Friday to make this count. Please show your support and do everything you can to help get Jah where he deserves to be, at number one."

Unfortunately, many on Triple X's timeline weren't feeling the message, believing it to be against some of his own principles. Of course, that's merely a symptom of Twitter, but it's not the first time people have been hesitant to embrace XXXTentacion's posthumous music -- especially when tactics of this nature are employed. In any case, some of the message rings true; his fanbase is certainly among hip-hop, perhaps even music's strongest and most passionate. Perhaps the call-to-action will prove successful, and we'll see XXXTentacion's Bad Vibes conquer the competition as his team intended.