As reported earlier, XXXTentacion aka "The Mask" found himself in somewhat of a predicament. As it happens, Spotify has decided to adopt an "anti-hate" policy, which led to the removal of R. Kelly and XXXTentacion's music from every Spotify-curated playlist; essentially, the minds at Spotify felt that X's music stood in violation to their policies on hate content and hateful conduct. While one can see their perspective given X's murky past, it does open the door for a slippery slope. Many have been quick to point out Kodak Black and 6ix9ine remaining in circulation, despite their own legal issues. Naturally the decision has sparked a spirited discourse, even prompting a response from 50 Cent

Now, it would appear that XXXTentacion's team has issued a response of sorts. New York Times reporter Joe Coscarelli reached out to X's people, who in turn provided a statement. It's not surprising to see X's camp's response, which names plenty of prominent artists with a dubious and problematic history. Spotify seemed to issue a blanket response to X's camp, claiming it would be difficult to make decisions based on an artist-by-artist basis. 

Where do you stand on this one? Do you feel like Spotify is going too far, or do they reserve the right to curate their playlists as they see fit?