While neither party has been steadily releasing new music these days, the esteemed partnership of Xzibit and Dr. Dre will always elicit nostalgia in those who remember their reign. And what a reign it was, boasting tracks like "X," "Bitch Please," "Best Of Things," "Losin' Your Mind," "Choke Me Spank Me Pull My Hair," and "U Know."

Xzibit Dr. Dre

 John Stanton/WireImage/Getty Images

Though it's been a while since Xzibit has rapped over Dre's production, we've recently seen them reunited in the studio, working on X's upcoming Serial Killers project with B-Real and Demrick. For those wondering about that particular collective, we recently saw them make their debut Day Of The Dead on Halloween of 2018. Now, with the follow-up in the works, X has enlisted the mixing talents of Dr. Dre, unrivaled in that particular field even now.

Look no further than this new studio preview, in which Dre engineers a hard-hitting instrumental from longtime Xzibit collaborator Rick Rock. It's easy to picture X's cadence blending nicely with this one, and we're looking forward to seeing it arrive in full on the next Serial Killers drop. And when the time does come for that, it should be interesting to see whether the Doc came through with a beat or two, a rare honor seemingly reserved for a select group. Still, X and Dre go back a long time, and if anyone could land some production from the Good Doctor, well...