It's a beautiful thing whenever the west coast stands united, and today Mr. X to the Z Xzibit himself took to Instagram to pen a heartfelt birthday message to the legendary Ice Cube. With the legendary N.W.A. icon turning fifty-one, it goes without saying that Cube has built himself up to be a leader in both music and business alike. While they never actually collaborated on wax, the pair did connect during the Up In Smoke Tour, where it's clear that Cube left quite the impression on the Restless emcee.

Ice Cube Xzibit

Scott Legato/Getty Images

"Happy birthday to one of the cornerstones and creators of what we call west coast hip hop," begins X, alongside a classic picture of Ice Cube. "Ice Cube has been one of my biggest inspirations as a emcee and a business man. What he did with N.W.A and also his solo career...from his films to his basketball league and activism, Cube continues to reinvent himself and the world around him. You can’t fuck with him on any level. Happy Birthday Don Mega. We love you G."

While he's not the only person wishing Ice Cube a great birthday, his message is certainly one of the most thoughtful. With many rap legends approaching the fifty mark, it seems appropriate to start reflecting on the ways these artists have changed the game, not to mention the countless young voices they've inspired along the way. Who knows -- perhaps there wouldn't have been an Xzibit as we know it without Ice Cube. Show some love to one of hip-hop's enduring figures, one of the greatest to ever do it -- the one and only Ice Cube.