Though Xzibit wasn't technically signed to Aftermath Entertainment, he remained one of Dr. Dre's most trusted and valued collaborators. Together, they held it down on songs like "Bitch Please" and "Bitch Please 2," "X," "U Know," "Symphony In X Major," "Losin Your Mind," "Choke Me Spank Me Pull My Hair," and many more; Dre even came through to executive produce both Restless and Man Vs. Machine. The relationship was so creatively fruitful that many mistakenly assumed that X was part of Dre's label, especially given his involvement in the legendary Up In Smoke Tour.


Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Suffice it to say, Dre and X to the Z were a force to be reckoned with, a partnership that fans still reflect on fondly. Today, X came through with a treat for said fans, taking to Instagram to fire off a few throwback pics from his time rolling with the Aftermath staff. There's even a picture of X and 50 linked up -- while they never quite collaborated on wax, Fif did shout out Xzibit on his breakout single "In Da Club," foreshadowing X's gravitation to the cannabis industry. 

Last but not least comes a more recent picture, which took place during a studio session with Xzibit, Battlecat, DJ Pooh, and Dr. Dre. While it's unclear as to what the quartet were working on, it should be noted that X was working on some new music with Dre in February; perhaps the image derived from those particular studio sessions. Either way, the batch of Aftermath-centric throwback pics should be enough to excite any fan of Dre's empire -- especially for those fond of Xzibit's highly dope catalog.