Thursday night was supposed to be a night about ASAP Yams in New York City as the annual Yams Day event was going down at the New York Expo Center, but instead the event ended up in complete chaos. According to early reports online & No Jumper’s Adam22, gunshots rung off at the venue, while people are saying Tekashi69 was involved.

Rumors have been swirling online that controversial “Gummo" rapper 6ix9ine was reportedly shot following a disagreement with ASAP Bari and Casanova. However, Tekashi 6ix9ine has since disputed the reports and confirmed he was NOT harmed at all Thursday night. Other rumors were suggesting that he was beat up, but that's not true, although a big fight did break out backstage and was reportedly one of the causes for the show's ending.

Details on the supposed gunshots are extremely scarce at the moment, but all we know is that the event was shut down early after they rung off, and Tekashi 6ix9ine was not involved.

We’ll keep you posted on the details as they develop, but in the meantime check out some tweets & footage from those who were in attendance.

Update: NYPD has confirmed that there had been a "crowd control situation" at the venue, but no gunshots were fired.