Celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang is being called out by Yaya Mayweather and hundreds of others who believe he used a racial slur in one of his recent videos with rapper Lil Pump. In the video, Dang is being accused of using the n-word.

"This is my boy here, he's so rich man, he got--," said the jeweler in the video, but many have misheard the Houston-based jeweler. Yaya Mayweather is supposedly under the impression that he said, "He's so rich, my n***a." 

"Are we just going to skip the fact he said the N word," asked Yaya when she reposted the video to her story on Instagram. Johnny Dang's comments are filled with people asking about the alleged slip-up, despite the fact that he doesn't appear to have actually used the word. Others are saying that Lil Pump should also be held accountable for his use of the word. Pump is of Colombian descent. Johnny Dang was born in Vietnam.

Do you think that the jeweler used a racial slur in the video or are people hearing him incorrectly? Watch it below and let us know.

In other news involving Lil Pump, the rapper recently shared that one of his cars was vandalized at his home, posting a video of the damages and threatening the vandals. "I'm gonna be here for the next three-four days. Come back to my house so I can blow your f*cking head off," he said. Read more about that here.