Youngboy Never Broke Again and Yaya Mayweather's relationship has been rocky, to say the least. They've been together for the last two years on-and-off and, throughout their high-profile relationship, the world has witnessed a possible pregnancy, a stabbing that may put Yaya in prison for the rest of her life, slashed tires, and more. 

With the controversial rapper celebrating his twenty-first birthday today, he was showered in gifts by his friends and family. One of the most meaningful and sentimental pieces was from his girlfriend, who may or may not be pregnant with his child.

As shared by Joe The Jeweler, Yaya Mayweather cashed out on a shiny new iced-out bracelet for her man. The bracelet spells out "Alice", which is the name of Youngboy's grandmother. Clearly, she was not playing around with his birthday, trying to get back on the artist's good side.

YB has been taking some time off of social media after yet another arrest last month, getting nabbed on drug charges. There are rumors that he is planning to release a new mixtape to end the month, which sounds accurate considering the consistency of his drops, but that much is still pending confirmation.

Gary Miller/Getty Images

Happy birthday to Youngboy Never Broke Again! Hopefully, he enjoys his twenty-first.