Yaya Mayweather has been living her best life after giving birth to her first child. The socialite has been partying during Floyd Mayweather's birthday week, posting videos of herself on a yacht, which were picked apart by fans who called her "irresponsible" for bringing her newborn son on the party boat. She's also been getting some flack for a viral video that's been circulating, showing her reaction to Pooh Shiesty and Lil Durk's hit record "Back In Blood" coming on at a party.

Yaya was seemingly gathered with her friends as they enjoyed some music but, when Pooh Shiesty's song with Lil Durk started blaring over the speakers, she ordered the DJ to turn it off. The entire thing was captured on Instagram Live, with Yaya yelling at the DJ to turn off the "weak ass song". Yaya has been linked to Youngboy Never Broke Again, who has ties to Quando Rondo. Thus, she may have an aversion to Durk over what happened between his affiliate King Von and Quando last year. 

The new mother has been getting roasted across social media for whining about the song, getting the meme treatment after the video went viral. 

Johnny Louis/Getty Images -- YaYa Mayweather (C) and friends attend her father's Futuristic-themed Birthday Party Experience

Despite all the drama that seeps onto the internet, Yaya Mayweather has been raving about motherhood, saying that she's the "happiest [she's] ever been."

Safe to say that Pooh Shiesty isn't Yaya Mayweather's dawg...