Yaya Mayweather is proudly showing off what an event her baby shower was, sharing a bunch of footage from the larger-than-life party. There was a custom menu, tons of lavish decorations, and more. One thing-- or rather, person-- that was missing though was Youngboy Never Broke Again, the father of Yaya's baby.

Despite having the rapper's name plastered everywhere, suggesting that he helped plan the baby shower by writing "Iyanna & Kentrell's Baby Shower 2020" at the top of the menu, many fans are pointing out that, in all of the photos and videos posted to social media, NBA Youngboy was nowhere to be found.


This adds yet another layer to the messiness that has been their relationship. Yaya is being clowned online by fans who are pointing out that, while Yaya nearly went to jail for the rest of her life for stabbing one of his other baby's mothers, Youngboy can't even bother to show up at their baby shower.

"I woulda scratched his name off everything when he ain’t show up," said one fan. "Her husband should’ve been there," added another.

Unique Nicole/Getty Images

Perhaps he was busy working on the finishing touches to his surprise mixtape, titled Until I Return. Or maybe he just wasn't in the right mindset to attend such a big party because, after all, he did confess this week that he's still "in a dark place".

What do you think of NBA Youngboy apparently not attending his baby's shower with Yaya?