Yaya Mayweather gave birth to her first child, a son with Baton Rouge rapper NBA Youngboy named Kentrell Jr. back in January of this year. The couple had already called it quits on their tumultuous relationship before the arrival of their little one, and for a little while it seemed like the daughter of boxing legend Floyd Mayweatherwas still hung up on their former flame. Yaya took to Instagram live recently, however, to confirm she's the "happiest she's ever been before," admitting she loves being a mother. 

In a screen-recorded clip of the Instagram live, Yaya looks visibly happy and radiant as she gushes about being a mother to Kentrall Jr., who can be heard cooing quietly in the background of the video. "How's Mom life? It's amazing so good I love being a mother," Yaya raved while answering a fan question. 

She continued, "I'm honestly the happiest I've ever been like ever, it's just amazing." She paused for a moment while she read through comments of the live, choosing to ignore the negativity people projected in the live stream. 

She finished, "I just wanted to come on here and show you guys that your girl is happy." The new mom has certainly come a long way since the days of posting emotionally charged, cryptic in-direct subs towards her ex insinuating she was deeply unhappy

Floyd Mayweather recently decked out his grandson NBA Youngboy's Jr. with some new ice.