It's been roughly a full week since Yaya Mayweather's shocking arrest at NBA Youngboy's home where she allegedly took a knife to the rapper's baby mama. Though she's remained relatively low key, with the exception of NBA Youngboy's now-viral video, her mother recently chimed in on the entire situation. In a short clip shared with Melissia Rene's Instagram, the mother and daughter are walking hand-in-hand walking through the mall. "Got your back FOREVER," Rene captioned the video. It's unclear if the video was from a recent appearance in the mall but it marks Rene's first comments on the matter.

Yaya Mayweather was arrested for allegedly stabbing NBA Youngboy's baby mama in both arms, resulting in emergency surgery. In the last few days, it was revealed that Mayweather had hired J Prince's lawyer, Kurt Schaffer, for the case. Yaya was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She's currently facing a sentence of 99 years in prison along with a $10K fine. Schaffer previously stated that she plans on pleading not guilty this August when she returns to court.

The alleged victim in the case reportedly recently broke her silence on the incident on 'Gram. "No Im not ok Im really fucked up in the head & I hate to say it. Can y'all just leave me alone[?]" She added that she never wanted to have all this attention on her either.