They came into the Rap game as close friends but now the YBN crew is falling apart. The most popular of the bunch are YBN Almighty, YBN Nahmir, and Cordae, the latter of who announced that he was dropping "YBN" from his stage name in August 2020. There have been rumors about what has led to the disbanding of sorts from the group that consists of several other members, but these three have contended that regardless of any name changes, they're still like brothers.

However, as Cordae continues to work on his next release, Nahmir and Jay have been trading insults online. Following the Floyd Mayweather-Logan Paul fight, Jay appeared on social media, challenging Nahmir to a fight. In a video that has gone viral, it didn't look as if this was a playful invitation, and after Nahmir answered the call, it was clear that there is some real animosity between these former friends.

YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay, Fight, Beef
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

The two even shared a screen in an Instagram Livestream where they yelled at one another about an altercation they were apparently involved in. "I beat yo ass while I was sittin' down!" said Nahmir. Jay told him to "put that on yo mama" and Nahmir did just that. "I been put you down," Nahmir added. "I'm deadass. What I gotta lie for?"

In another video, Jay attempted to explain his "almost two-year" beef with his friend. "An incident end up like, occurring with some n*ggas I used to be cool with. They end up doing something and Nahmir end up gettin' caught up in it somehow," said Jay. Whatever went down, Jay claimed that he paid out $30K and Nahmir paid $10K. Months later, said Jay, a mutual friend allegedly told him that Nahmir believed Jay owed him that $10K.

Jay wasn't quite finished and in another clip shared that he's been at odds with his label over removing "YBN" from his name, especially on social media. He declared that his name is "Almighty Jay" from this point forward. Look through the videos below to catch Jay and Nahmir's beef.