Mentioning Tooka's name has been a sensitive topic for many rappers, and weeks ago, YBN Almighty Jay found himself on the receiving end of backlash. The rapper was reportedly playing Grand Theft Auto online when he said, "Ay, it’s Jay Da Youngin. F*ck Tooka, let me get in there." Quicky, Chief Keef responded by telling him, “I don’t even know why you saying shorty name, that sh*t old.

Shondale Gregory, also known as Tooka, was reportedly a 15-year-old Gangster Disciple affiliate when he was killed at a Chicago bus stop in 2011. Since that time, his name has been laced in rap lyrics by many Chicago artists, but it can be a sensitive subject for those who knew and loved the late teen. YBN Almighty Jay has had discussions about his mention behind the scenes and felt it was necessary to address the controversy on video.

"Basically, I just want to take it upon myself to apologize to anybody who I offended with the video game sh*t that came out when I end up speaking on Tooka in a video game," said Jay. "My people know, I spoke to some of Tooka people, and people that close to them. We all got a understanding. They know that that sh*t ain't 'bout nothin'."

YBN Almighty Jay, Tooka, Chief Keef, GTA, Aplogy
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"My people is cool with his people, like, some of my folks," the rapper added. "So, they know that sh*t not about nothin'. As far as that situation went, it's the sh*t on the game. That's how they be role-playing in GTA and it's based off Chicago type sh*t. So, that's how that end up being said, but they know that ain't nothin' about nothin'."

YBN Almighty Jay said he felt it was necessary to publicly apologize since his snafu went viral and was "portrayed to the public that I was dissin' him, or something like that." He claimed he has no problem with Tooka's people and doesn't need a problem, either. "I just want to take it upon myself like a man." Watch Jay's explanation below.