YBN Almighty Jay's youth serves him well in instances like the following. After finding out his show was cancelled at roughly the same time as his fans who were lined up outside, Jay took the crowd elsewhere. Jay treated his young adoring fans to a Trampoline Park, one of those indoor tracks custom fitted with bouncy gym mats. Once there, he proceeded to buy all 200 fans Icee slush cups in whatever flavor they asked. The whole thing was a scene out of Day Camp. Ontario, Ohio may be a town that slips under the radar, but it looked as though, YBN Almighty was ready to 'get it.' 

YBN famously declared his relationship with Blac Chyna as a "standout moment" yet it's still nice to see him get down with regular folks. His own upbringing in Texas wasn't all glitz and glamor. He hasn't even lived long enough to notice the difference. YBN Almight Jay and YBN Nahmir form an interesting partnership. Their styles are compatible and easy to apply. On a level of personality, Jay seems like an earnest individual who is excited to manifest his creativity. Hopefully the show cancellation is the last of its kind.