It looks like YBN almighty Jay might be moving on from the rap game, or so he says. On Tuesday, footage surfaced online of Blac Chyna’s boyfriend throwing a fat stack of money in the toilet and pissing on it, before announcing he’s now an actor and doesn't want to rap anymore.

“Toilet might get stocked up, fuck it. I don't want to rap any more fuck it. Fuck, I don't wanna rap anymore, Im an actor now. Im an actor,” he said in the clip. However, many people think the clip is fake, or he's using counterfeit money, but the money looks real from what I can see. I just don’t know if I believe him yet about not wanting to rap anymore as this is probably just a troll job to attain headlines, but time will only tell.

YBN Almighty Jay has been all over the news lately thanks to his public relationship with Blac Chyna. In fact, he’s being accused of being involved in Blac Chyna's fight at Six Flags on Sunday. 

Check out clip of him just wasting money down the toilet (below) and let us know if you even care if he left the music scene. If you need a reminder of his music, check out Almighty Jay’s latest release with Rich The Kid called “Back Quick” right here.