His relationship with Blac Chyna was a tad perplexing considering he was allegedly 19-years-old when he began dating the 29-year-old reality star. Then, YBN Almighty Jay was loved up on social media with 27-year-old rapper and former Bad Girls Club star Dream Doll, but that romance quickly fizzled out, as well. It looks like Jay has his sights keenly set on 35-year-old Draya Michele because he shared that once he's ready to settle down, he's got his eyes on his next reality star.

The southern-bred rapper sat down with Fox Soul's One on One with Keyshia Cole and talked about his love life. He said that Blac Chyna was a "cool person" with a "good personality," but she's wild "most of the time." He admitted that he was in love with Dream Doll but said they aren't together because he's young "and just having fun." The 20-year-old rapper said he's not trying to be tied down to anyone right now.

Keyshia asked him if there was anyone he was interested in, and he dropped the former Basketball Wives star's name. "I ain't gon' lie, I kinda like Draya," Jay said. He added that he attended her Grammy party but didn't get a chance to speak to her. Jay insisted that he isn't a shy person, but "it just gotta be right timing. I didn't feel like the timing was right." Check out YBN Almighty Jay confess his crush and talk about his exes below.