YBN Almighty Jay and DreamDoll broke up one year ago but it looks like one of the two rappers is looking to get back together.

"I miss Dream," wrote YBN Almighty Jay on Twitter. "Tell her I’m a better man now."

Well, after detailing how "toxic" the relationship was and even hinting that she suffered some abuse at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, DreamDoll shut him down with a joke.

"Go to sleep you could have any dream you want," wrote Dream, clearly not interested in striking up a friendship or relationship with YBN Almighty Jay.

The "Chopsticks" rapper didn't understand that she wasn't feeling it though, following up with even more thirst.

"I’ll love her forever. She know why," wrote Almighty Jay to close things out.

As an outsider, it seems obvious that this won't work out. Dream is pretty disconnected from her ex-boyfriend, who seems to still hold a place in his heart for her. Maybe that's for the better, though.

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

In music-related news, YBN Almighty Jay is also involved in the YBN breakup, which YBN Nahmir announced on social media. While he made it seem as though the crew was no longer close with one another, Almighty Jay replied and confirmed that he's still cool with Nahmir, suggesting that YBN Cordae is the only one that's out of the collective.