There was a time when the prize for hip hop artists was to be recognized for their work. Then, emcees wanted to make enough money to take care of themselves and their families, but when they began to stack bankrolls of cash, living a millionaire lifestyle was the way to go. Now that the hip hop elite has invaded billionaire territory, rising artists are setting their sites on lifestyles that our hip hop pioneers never could have imagined. 

XXL 2019 Freshman Class member YBN Cordae is one of those hopefuls who want to make music that will impact the global culture for decades. "I just keep that tunnel vision and keep it going," he told Complex before his first show ever in London. "We’re just getting started. Honestly, my mind is on longevity. I’m going to be here 20 years from now, still performing and still making music." He continued, "I’ll be a billionaire. For real."

Cordae's debut studio album The Lost Boy will hit the streets on July 26 and according to the rapper there are a few recognizable features that fans will love...he just can't tell us about them yet. The 21-year-old shared that he's been listening to iconic rappers throughout his life courtesy of his father who wasn't too keen on his son choosing a career in the music industry.

"He got me into all that; Jay Z, Rakim, Kool G Rap, all the GOATs," Cordae said of his dad. As far as The Lost Boy goes, Cordae stated the record has "just the right amount" of collaborations from a few big-name artists. He said he wanted to create an album with a storyline. "There’s a lot of soul, a lot of folk even," he hinted. "It’s just myself, me being vulnerable, open and authentic to myself." Are you looking forward to The Lost Boy?