Although they ain't market official, TMZ is reporting that YBN Cordae and the world tennis number one Naomi Osaka are cozying up. Noami's Instagram feed tells the story of a newly-forged courtship. In a video posted two days ago, Naomi and Cordae can be seen goofing around in front of a mirror. A chandelier hangs overheard, as the tennis pro remarks upon her "date's" presumed clumsiness, different from her own forehand stance. The caption of the reads, "Can’t take this guy anywhereeeee lol," alluding to the fact they may have "done this" before.

Sources close to TMZ Sports spoke with Osaka in seeking confirmation - she reportedly the tabloid that they do like each other, but haven't reached the point of consummating their interest into something real. Another source close to the situation is giving the pair "another week" before the sprinkler system goes berserk.

Osaka's current position atop the WTA rankings reflects her dominance of late. The American tennis sensation, who is most famous for beating Serena at last year's US Open, relayed her surge up the rankings into a much-coveted spot on Time's 100 most influential people list. YBN Cordae is somewhere not too too far behind. YBN Cordae's debut album is right around the corner.