YBN Nahmir broke the door down for his crew with "Rubbin Off The Paint" last year and since then, the YBN crew has seen a whole lot of success in their careers, both as solo acts and as a collective. YBN Cordae first caught everyone's attention with his response to J. Cole's "1985" with the single, "Old N***s." Since then, he's been getting praise for his work by a lot of people in the music industry including Dr. Dre.

YBN Cordae is undoubtedly has the sharpest pen in the YBN crew and it looks like it's gotten the co-sign from one of the most influential producers in the rap game. YBN Cordae shared a photo of himself in the lab with Dr. Dre earlier today. The rapper said that he spent a significant amount of his birthday with Dr. Dre "straight cookin'."

"Spent my birthday in the stu for 16 hours straight Cookin w @drdre History....." he wrote.

It's unsure when we'll be able to hear whatever they were working on but hopefully it's soon. Earlier this month, YBN Nahmir announced that the YBN mixtape will be dropping on September 7th. The project will consist of songs from the entire crew. Cordae didn't reveal whether a Dr. Dre collaboration will end up on the project but we could hope that it comes soon.

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