Facial tattoos seem to be emerging as a prerequisite for new-wave fame. It's certainly a bizarre trend, considering the permanent nature of the choice. It's easy to associate  face tattoos with under-twenty rappers, in the same way New York OGs have Timbs and camo shorts on lockdown. One member of their ranks, however, has taken umbrage with the wave. During a recent conversation with Big Boy, YBN Nahmir opened up on his utter disdain for those with tarnished faces.

"People be getting face tattoos to act hard," says Nahmir. "This shit ain't nothin bruh, I know so many people that got face tattoos that  we done punished they ass, did they ass so dirty in real life bruh. Like, all this lil internet shit be makin' people look so hard bruh. That's why I stopped posting guns on the internet. That shit not cool bruh." 

When asked whether he considers any of those "Soundcloud" rappers to be real, YBN replies with a staunch no. "Those n****s is weirdos, lames, junkies, bruh that's all they is is junkies. Period. All these n****s is junkies." Some might go so far as to say them's fightin' words. Granted, these days it seems as if every up-and-comer has something or other tattooed all over their face. From Lil Xan, to Post Malone, to Lil Pump, to XXXTentacion; the list goes on. Don't expect Nahmir to join that particular club anytime soon.