Social media has helped entertainers earn a few stacks outside of their creative outlet, and YBN Nahmir has joined the club. Families could live off of the amount of money that people like the Kardashian-Jenners make for simply plugging products in one post, and brands are utilizing those platforms to expand their customer base. However, people are making fun of YBN Nahmir for his Instagram ad, and he's responding to the jabs with a critique of his own.

YBN Nahmir, Ads, Instagram, Twitter
Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

Someone shared a screenshot of Nahmir's IG post where he plugs making millions and wrote, "YBN Nahmir really struggling." It was an opinion that didn't go unnoticed by the rapper who couldn't believe that anyone would make fun of people for cashing in. "This is how dumb this generation is lol. Who wouldn’t make a simple Instagram post for $5,000 ? I guess I’m broke guys. Stay blessed child."

Other celebrities have faced accusations of being in financial trouble after plugging products or joining sites like OnlyFans, but according to reports, some have been able to bring in millions of dollars in extra income. Check out YBN Nahmir's tweet below and let us know if you'd charge $5K to post ads on social media.