It's that time of year again. Now that the 2018 XXL Freshman List has been announced, people can finally get up in arms about who was not named to the list. With the initial shock of *insert young rapper's name here* not getting the shine they deserve on XXL's cover, we can now enjoy the cyphers and freestyles from the nine selected artists. With many of the profile interviews and freestyle sessions already published, YBN Nahmir was in the spotlight today, showing why he deserved his spot on the list. Spitting some rhymes about his upbringing earlier in the day, Nahmir got his time on camera in his profile interview, allowing fans a better chance to get to know him.

Speaking on his placement among the top young rappers in the game, Nahmir said it's a big achievement. A few years ago, Nahmir actually photoshopped his face onto the XXL Freshman cover for his Facebook friends to interact with and he's amazed that he's now on that level. "I guess I just spoke that shit on myself like I be speaking shit into existence. That's why I don't ever speak negative on shit," said Nahmir. The young rapper plans to show everybody what he's made of, "going crazy" with his newfound XXL exposure and continuing to prove to everybody why he deserves all the talk on his name.

Showing a clear love for his YBN crew, there's a very distinct possibility that YBN Cordae could be on the 2019 list. While we'll need to wait one year to find out, he's been releasing plenty of material to prove his worth in the game.