Kanye West's YEEZY Calabasas track pant was penciled in as a high-demand vanity item going into the holiday stretch, but in the wake of Californian Wildfires, the product will now serve two ends. Adidas has announced that all proceeds for the Calabasas track pants, dropping this afternoon, will be donated to the CA Fire Foundation directly rooted in the relief efforts. Additional proceeds are being bestowed to the California Community Foundation, an NGO that serves the greater Los Angeles as a progressive think tank.

The product dropping today can be purchased over at Yeezy Supply, where a write-up describing the donation process stands right above the $120 price point. The two options linked to the relief efforts, come in "umber" and "mink" colorways.

As the Californian Wildfires rage on, 1,000 people remain unaccounted for and missing. The resulting death toll has risen to 71, in the 9 days that have passed since the fires broke out in Northern California. Members of the National Guard have teamed with coroners and anthropologists to rummage through residential areas that were ravaged by the fire.

If ever you needed a guilt-free reason to purchase a vanity item, this might be your chance. Kanye has certainly managed to put his coerce appeal (over at Adidas) to good use.