The Clermont Twins are known for their Kanye WestYeezy modelling gig, Bad Girls Club season 15 appearance, Future's "Real Sisters" music video and more recently one of the twins is now known for debit card fraud of $20,000. We recently posted how Shannade Clermont was in trouble for allegedly stealing the debit card of a deceased man following a prostitution date.

The man was found dead in his apartment the next day but this didn't stop Shannade from paying her rent, phone bills, buying plane tickets and online purchases “of thousands of dollars of clothing and other merchandise" with the man's mula.

New reports from The Blast say Shannade has now finally been indicted. The publication reports how the model has been slammed by a Grand Jury in New York on three felony charges, including wire fraud, access device fraud and identity theft. If convicted, Shannade will have to return all purchases and property made with the card and pay back the rest of the money she jacked.

She's apparently already in hot water since she travelled out of the city to make an appearance when she was not authorized to. She's set to appear in court later this month for her final sentencing.