Nick Cannon may be Eminem's current No. 1 lyrical target, but that doesn't mean that the Detroit rapper's beef with MGK is over and done with. The two artists are still at odds, albeit their tiff has taken a backseat in recent months. Yelawolf chatted with HipHopDX about Em and MGK's verbal battle that unfolded for the world in the form of diss tracks, and while there's still a debate as to who won that round, Yela said he attempted to get the feuding rappers on a song together.

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Yela first explained what led to him being at odds with MGK. A "young super hot-headed" MGK made a comment about Warped Tour and how people shouldn't throw water and start moshpits. "I was on Warped Tour, I took it personally," Yelawolf said, adding that he thought MGK was talking about him. The fans "took it way further" than MGK or Yelawolf did, but the Alabama emcee just "let that ride for a while."

By the time Trunk Muzik came about, Yelawolf and MGK had put their rift behind them, so DJ Paul told Yelawolf to add features by both Eminem and his foe MGK. Clearly, Yelawolf didn't believe that Em would go for it, however, he still agreed to make the call. "I laid my verse, sent it to MGK, got MGK's back to me, and I sent that to Marshall...crickets. I didn't hear nothin'," he said. "I took that as he didn't want to do it." Then, months later, Yelawolf said Em dropped his diss track.

The rapper made it clear that he had no clue it was coming. "I thought it was a G move, honestly," he said. "It was kinda like, well, what are we gon' do now." He said he called Eminem and told him he still had the record with MGK, and according to Yelawolf, Em told him to go ahead and run with it. "He's always been a champion for me to like, if it works for me, he's behind it. He's not a hater." However, "if it meant we need to go to war," Yela said he would always side with Shady. Watch a clip of his interview below.