Love was in the air during Valentine's Day weekend as people celebrated the holiday of love, yet Yella Beezy found himself on the wrong side of the law. The Dallas rapper, real name Markies Conway, was questioned by police in his hometown after they claim that they noticed Beezy's vehicle had window tinted too dark. He pulled out of a strip mall and according to a recently released arrest warrant affidavit, Beezy failed to make a complete stop at a nearby intersection.

According to a report made by Dallas News, Yella Beezy was the only person in his vehicle during the traffic stop. The rapper was reportedly asked to roll down his window to speak with authorities and it was then that he told them that he couldn't because his car windows were bulletproof. Beezy exited the vehicle and when police ran a check on his name, they found that he was a documented gang member and the affidavit states that an officer could see a firearm out in the open.

Not only was Beezy's vehicle searched, but officers at the scene called in a drug-sniffing dog that allegedly showed that it had identified some trace of substance in the car. A search reportedly uncovered the guns listed below, and according to the report, Beezy admitted to owning the weapons. Because he's a documented gang member with authorities, he's reportedly not allowed to have handguns in his vehicle.

A Beretta PMX containing 19 rounds of ammunition. The gun had been reported stolen in Frisco.
An FN Herstal Five-Seven that had 21 rounds of ammunition.
A Sig Sauer P365 with 11 rounds of ammunition.
A Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard that had six rounds of ammunition.
A Springfield Armory Saint AR-15 pistol with a 54-round drum of ammunition. The gun had a wrist-brace that made it possible to fire the weapon with one hand.

In response, TMZ reports Beezy's team alleged that the guns were registered, also reportedly stating that they believe the entire incident was a set-up.