This year has been terrible in terms of the number of artists we've lost due to shooting deaths. Gun violence has been a massive topic of conversation in the political world and it also plays a huge role in the hip-hop community. There are simply too many injuries and deaths every year due to gun violence. We've lost XXXTentacion, Jimmy Wopo, and more this year after they were shot and Yella Beezy was also targeted in a drive-by. Thankfully, he made it out alive and is now striving, speaking about what exactly went down that night.

It started off as a regular evening for the Dallas rapper as he spent some cash at the strip club. When he left, he checked to make sure nobody was tailing him, as he noted he always does. He finally noticed that he was being followed after he went through some red lights and made his way onto the highway. Beezy nearly lost his life after a car pulled up on him, shooting several rounds and striking him four times. When he was hit, he swerved the car and started reaching for his own registered weapon, which he could not find. He ended up grabbing hold of his phone to inform somebody of what was happening as he ran for safety. At that point, his attackers had already fled the scene.

It's crazy to hear Yella Beezy retell exactly what happened. He's lucky to be alive and you can be sure he's counting his blessings.