Yella Beezy has been in the news of late, first for gaining traction with his single "That's On Me," then for surviving a drive-by shooting in his home region of Lewisville, Texas. The rapper who rose to fame by sharing his music through the WorldStar platform has since been released from the hospital after undergoing several weeks of treatment. Beezy is excited for a return to normalcy so he can prepare for his album push in the month of November.

News of his release was confirmed by his publicist and later passed on to The Dallas Morning News.

Yella's hospitalization prevented him from celebrating his birthday this past Thursday, in a more festive setting. But is probably for the best that Yella kept his circle tight for his "Happy 27th." To celebrate the occasion, Yella oversaw the release of his "That's on Me" remix with a slew of guests which included 2 ChainzT.I.Rich The KidBoosie BadazzJeezy, and Trapboy Freddie.

On the same day, directed this glowing message to the men that tried to ambush him

"How can’t i not smile , these n****s tried to take me out wit everything they had and it didn’t work," he wrote on Instagram. "Today my birthday i made it to see 27 , and I’m fina apply major pressure. And they just gotta sit & watch this shit knowing they plan didn’t work how can i not smile ? God got plans for me , you ain’t seen nothing yet ....!!" 

Happy Birthday, Beezy. Be well.